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We hope you will enjoy our original course dinner. The menu varies widely from day to day, so you will always be able to try something new. We also include a Japanese course, giving you the opportunity to sample traditional Japanese food.

Of course, bread and, if requested, rice are served with the main course.

You can enjoy a range of wines, made in Shiojiri, Nagano prefecture. Soft drinks, beer and fruit juices are also available.
The six course dinner

Main Dish (alternately Meat or Fish)
Japanese course
Coffee and Tea

It is important to eat a hearty breakfast before setting off to the ski slopes, or on a summer hike, and we aim to provide just that!

You can choose between a Japanese or Western style breakfast to start the day. We serve a different breakfast every day. Bread is also included- you may eat as much of it as you like. You may drink as much juice, tea and coffee as you wish for free at breakfast time.